Countdown to Stella!

StellaWe are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Stella!  She’ll be here in two days.  We’re adopting a rescue dog from the South.  Why?  About 7 weeks ago we had to put our wonderful Sadie to sleep.  She was our beautiful, fabulous 13 .5 year old Black Lab.  We were devastated.  I miss her every day.  Much sooner than I thought would be possible I felt ready for another dog.
The house was too quiet….my heart too broken…. I searched for hours….days…searched and searched. Not for a replacement for Sadie….because there is none, but for another dog in need of some love. Last week I found “Stella” and fell in love. She’s not Sadie…..never will be Sadie….Sadie was the best dog ever.
Rob wasn’t quite ready….maybe my hysterical daily tears and moping around the house pushed him over the edge?

Rob didn’t seem to be able to bring another black lab into the house. He very clearly shot down my dream of a “Bassador”….he deemed them “freakish” with their short little legs.

It’s been a long time since I went through the “puppy hell” phase of owning a dog. Sadie was 6 months old when I got her. I got her from a woman who just didn’t have the time for her. I lived right next to the beach…had the time….I adopted her. The first time I saw her….I sat down on the floor, she was all legs….and climbed into my lap and slurped my whole face….love at first sight. Except for a vacation here and there…we were together for 13 years.

Out of the HUNDREDS of dogs that I looked at online….Stella was the one. Something about her eyes and her cute little face said she had to be ours. Rob fought it….wasn’t sure about a dog we never met in person.

We’re adopting Stella through a local rescue organization, but she is actually a Southern dog. She’s in a foster home down in Louisiana. In case ya’ll didn’t know…..down south…they don’t tend to neuter/spay their dogs….and they keep them outside most of the time…..when they are done with/tired of/can’t care for/can’t be bothered with them… they turn them over to a shelter….which unlike in New England are high kill shelters. Meaning that if they are not adopted within a few days….they are put to sleep. Perfectly good dogs…put to sleep….some purebreds…others just confused mutts just wanting to be loved.

Also taking into consideration the “black dog syndrome”….go ahead…google it…..I felt an even greater need to get Stella. To save her….and in a way to save me.

We (me) filled out the paperwork….spoke with the woman who heads the rescue and we were approved to adopt her!

This Thursday, they will load Miss Stella (in a crate) into a van full of other rescue dogs and start the trip to Maine. It will take them until Saturday a.m. to get here. We will be at the designated spot waiting for our new four footed furry friend.

She is a schnauzer mix….8 months old…23 lbs and they call her “sweet”. I am hoping she doesn’t eat our furniture….chew all of my shoes….or destroy Rob’s favorite hat. Sadie’s first years were “trying”. She ate a hole in the sheet rock of my apt., chewed the woodwork and furniture, ate shoes, shredded magazines….chewed the labels out of my clothes…..hopefully Stella is a little calmer??

There you go. It’s “only” been 7 weeks since we lost our girl, but it seems like forever. I will love Sadie forever, but am excited to welcome Stella into our lives!!! I think Sadie would approve.

I’ve never blogged before, but I thought I would give it a try!


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2 responses to “Countdown to Stella!

  1. Melissa

    Good for you…I think it’s great you can get all these thoughts out. It took us a very long time to get Eli after we lost Dutch….almost 9 months…and we searched for months for the “right one”.

    Enjoy all the funny moments and frustration that she’ll bring!

  2. Marge and Stella have a lot in common! Marge is from a high-kill in Georgia and probably also fell prey to the black dog syndrome. She was trucked up here to New York on an 18 hour drive, just before her first birthday. It really is a shame what is happening with dog overpopulation.

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