Less than 24 Hours til Stella!!!!!

Stella!At this time tomorrow….we’ll have Stella!  Late yesterday they loaded her and a bunch of other dogs into a van for the long drive North.  We meet the rescue people at 9am tomorrow!!!  I have no idea what to expect.

Last weekend I cleaned and bleached out the kennel for her.  Last night I went shopping and got her a little chew toy that you put treats into to entertain her, a waterdish that hooks onto the door of her kennel, a new pretty collar, a little pack of liver treats…yum…liver treats!!!

During the day I got to worrying about what her first weekend would be like.   It’s going to be a busy one.  We have friends in town….people coming over for RibFest Part II Saturday night….not the most mellow of weekends for a little dog who’s been in a van for two days.

In a google search for calming a dog I found this….Doggie Downers:

Comfort Calm

Remember that old skit from the days when Saturday Night Live used to be funny?  Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers?

Puppy Uppers/Doggie Downers

I’m going to drug her.  Not really drug her….it’s like giving her a cup of SleepyTime tea, but not quite like giving her a capful of Nyquil.  Maybe we won’t need it at all.  Maybe she’ll be tired, but calm and happy.  Happy to be in Maine!  I’m going to bring them with us just in case.

I told Rob my plan when I got home and immediately he snorted, “Uh, do you think Caesar would DRUG a dog?”  Why as a matter of fact ROBERT:


Your “Hero” DOES drug dogs….he also if you have not been in a PetCo or Pet Quarters lately, sells dog food, beds, leashes, shampoos, enough already Caesar…Relax!!!!!

So anywho…that’s my plan…to have the Doggie Downers on hand just in case for her first busy weekend at home and from there go back to good old exhausting her with exercise to get rid of the puppy energy.

I’m super excited!  It’s going to be a great weekend!!!!


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