We get 600 Cable Channels AND Receive Messages from OuterSpace!

So tonight was Stella’s first visit to the Vet.   She’s lucky she made it……Rob hit the wall late today with the joy of Puppy-Hood!  I had a few panicky phone calls at the end of my day….”She pooped on the porch…..She got over the barricade on the stairs..I have to call you right back!”  He calls right back..”She chewed on my cell phone…she’s out of control….can we still send her back to Louisiana?”.  I opted to give him some peace and quiet and take her to the Vet’s office myself.

Load her into the car….drive to the office….she’s fairly well behaved…meaning she only blocked my vision with her body while I was doing 65mph on 295 a couple or four times.  No big deal.  Get to the office, get signed in…give them what little paperwork we have of her.  She sat very nicely on the scale a number of times without being dragged by the collar or poked with sharp sticks which proves she is no child of mine.  A whopping 20.1 lbs.!  About a third of that is hair…..a third is personality….and a third actual dog parts.

I fill out the paper work…she sits very nicely.  The very nice woman behind the desk says, “You can bring her right into Room One!”.  And then I throw up in my mouth a little….why?  Why? It’s the very same room…..that we brought our Sadie girl for her last visit to the vet.  AWESOME!  I dragged myself in there…plunked down in the plastic chair….and cried.   Got myself together before the Vet came in so she didn’t think that some poor dog from down South was adopted by a lunatic.

Visit went well…..Stella was on her best behavior.  She was deemed a possible ” Schnoodle” by the Vet!  Schnauzer/Poodle!  Which was far better news than Petfinders listing of her as a Schnauzer/Bouvier Des Flanders…..we’ll never truly know.    We’ll never know what went on in the backyard of a Louisiana trailer park on a hot fall night.  I’m just thankful it wasn’t a Great Dane!!!  We discussed a few “issues” (later blog topics), she got a few medications….and thanks to her licking her incision on her tummy..

..a nice plastic Elizabethan Collar of Torture.

(Clearly this isn't Stella, but it is pretty close to what she looked like!)

(Clearly this isn't Stella, but it is pretty close to what she looked like!)

If your dog has never been in one of these…..you are in for a treat!!!!!  It didn’t help that it’s opaque, stiff plastic….tied onto her collar and about 8 inches above her vision level.  Once they tied it on…she stood there like a statue.  Then she started scooting backwards around the room…maybe because she was scared, blind and aware of how silly she looked?  The point of the collar is to make her NOT be able to reach her incision to lick it…and cause worse problems.  The only way she would walk was slunk low to the ground….crawling on her belly “commando style” with the plastic collar skimming the floor.

I carried her to the car….and immediately removed the collar of torture and drove to Pet Quarters.  At PetQuarters they carry the fashionable collar you see her wearing in her photo.  See through….short enough so she can see over it….and flexible.  She still wasn’t happy about it.  We’re only going to keep it on her when she’s not in our immediate sight.  As much as it IS awkward for her….I would rather make her wear it than to open her kennel in the a.m. and find she’s gutted herself by picking at the incision.  Suck it up Stella…wear the collar!!!!!

She had a busy night…..visit to the Vet, stroll through Pet Quarters, a long walk when we got home….food…a brushing, playtime, tummy rubs, snuggling from both Mama and Papa…..clearly this dog is just a step away from being waterboarded.

P.S….and for the heckity heck of it……this is to prove that she does have some fun in her day…

Flamingo Thrashing


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  1. Chris2fer's Hubby

    Nice video! She IS a puppy.

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