Miss Stella is Full of Hella!

As you can see from here:

Stella Full of Hella!

And here:

Outta Control!!

Miss Stella has alllloooootttttt of puppy energy!!  Not quite sure what happened in the second video….that one was done by Rob.   Either he thought he hit the “stop” button on the camera and didn’t realize it was still recording….or he knew he was still recording and he’s gone on all “artsy” on me.  The third possiblity is that he simply dropped the camera by his side so he could bang his head on the wall for a few minutes and silently curse me for bringing this cute little psycho into our house.

She isn’t always bouncing off the walls as it looks in the videos.  There are alot of times when she’s very calm for her age.  She loves to lay on her back and have her tummy/chest scratched and rubbed.  She would do that for hours….and it’s worth it to risk the carpal tunnel in your fingers just to see her so relaxed.   She thanks you by slobbering your whole face with kisses.

The incision on her tummy is healing nicely now that she sleeps with her satellite dish on.  We opted to only put it on her when she’s sleeping in her crate at night.  When she’s out of the crate we can keep a close enough eye on her to spare her the awkwardness of walking around with it on. 

The first night she had the collar she barely moved….Rob laid out a trail of treats just to get her to walk into the living room.  He thinks we should leave it on her until she’s two years old.  He thinks maybe she’ll run/bounce/jump around less.  Maybe we should let him wear the collar for an hour or so and see how he likes it.

Our Miss Stella has had a good first week in her new home!!!


Loves A Good Tummy Rub!

Loves A Good Tummy Rub!


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