Stella’s First Week!

And what a week it has been!!!!  Stella had a long ride up from Louisiana, arrived in  Maine and got a  Sphincter Shave, a visit to the Vet, a few trips to PetCo., lots of rides in the car, a new home, a BUNCH of new toys, lots of new faces, walks around the hood and the Blvd, a play date with Cooper….and I would say she’s done remarkably well!

Her training is going really well!!  She can “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “come”.  We’re working on “off”, “on your bed” and “make Mama a Martini”.    She’s very good in her crate, and doing well with her potty training.  I’m sure the neighbors on the other side of the fence love hearing me say, “Yay Stella!  Good Poop!” a few times a day.  Who thought dog poo would be so exciting??  I think because it’s OUTSIDE and not in the middle of our kitchen floor.

Without a doubt…the biggest accomplishment of Stella’s first week was to wrap Rob around her little paw.  You know the one….the front right one…that looks like she dipped it in paint? 

She accomplished this feat in record time.

I think it started on the ride home last Saturday…..when she stretched as far as she could from the backseat to reach up and try to slobber Rob’s neck and ear with kisses.   Dogs dig him!  Pretty good for a guy who was allergic to dogs as a kid!

And then it’s the face…..the face.  You just really have a hard time saying no to her.  Look at her….

Let’s see….what have we set down as “rules” before we got her that we have stuck to…..or we have broken?

  • She is NOT allowed upstairs (mostly because she’s lightning fast and we can’t track her on two floors.)  This has stuck.  This has been hard considering that this is the face that is waiting for you on the other side of the barricade.

It is my love of my shoes, disdain for picking up shredded toilet paper, things from the bathroom trash…or as in with the case with a friend’s dog….having the crotches eaten out of our underwear in the laundry basket…..that has made THIS rule stick!

  • NO people food.  We have stuck amazingly well to this….and although she seems interested in what we are doing….she at this point is not begging.  Sadie never failed to let you know she was there at mealtime with a subtle stare down, nose boink in the crotch, or stream of drool directly onto your foot.  Stella at this point seem oblivious to the whole eating thing.
  • Not allowed on the furniture.  Out the window.  We couldn’t stick with it.  Rob started it….I would walk into the room and find her up on his lap, stretched out and getting a tummy rub.  I would give him the “stink eye” and he would say, “But she’s on my lap…she’s not really on the sofa.”   I think part of the snapping of this rule is that she is such a good snuggler!


She loves to lay on you…..on her back…and have her chest, tummy, chin and ears rubbed.  She also loves to have the pads of her feet rubbed.  She rewards you with 1,000 kisses to the face.  It’s not surprising at all that the man who said he did not want another dog yet, who said the evening of Day One, “You picked a really good dog.”  When I’m in the other room…..I can hear him trying to discipline her and say, “It’s lucky you’re so adorable…..”, and it doesn’t hurt that she follows him all over the house….and that she makes me so happy.

Stella…..I believe was meant to be with us.



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2 responses to “Stella’s First Week!

  1. Marys Big Brutha

    Dear Sister,
    there is a comment early on in your article about positive reinforcement about pooping in the back yard and not on the kitchen floor. Seeing as how you will be visiting in a few short weeks I hope I won’t be getting up for my morning coffee to any surprises?!
    Shes a good lookin dawg I will admit. Makes me jealous.

  2. luvflamingos

    She will not leave any surprises on your kitchen floor! She’s doing really well with the potty training!!! Wait til you see her and she launches herself at you with no warning whatsoever. You may not feel so jealous then!!

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