She’s a hairy, four legged Ninja!

Oh, she’s sneaky alright.  She’s got a new favorite trick.    And it’s on that list of tricks that you want to “untrain” her to do… barking at the tv,  chewing on you, vaulting over the barricade on the stairs.   As you are sitting on the sofa, or in a chair relaxing… look down…and at your feet you see this cute, adorable, sweet faced little dog gazing up at you.

Your heart melts a little and you gaze back…..”Awwww….so cute…so…so cute…..” and the very moment you are hypnotized by her cuteness…..she LEAPS!  Leaps with the speed and stealth of a Ninja!  Where does she land?  Somewhere near your head.  Yeah, your head.  You don’t even see it coming….one minute she’s at your feet and the next she’s like a hairy growth on your face that you need to call your dermatologist about.

And then it begins….she’s like a tongue tornado….you can’t stop her….she’s climbing all over your head and shoulders and licking your face as fast as she can…..your ears, your eyeballs, nothing is off limits….laughing or shrieking only makes her more frenzied.  You just have to take a deep breath and pluck her off of you and get her back on the floor.  So there….you’ve been forewarned.  If you are at the house and really craving a hot cup of coffee….you may want to drink it down in the basement where Stella can’t pounce on your face.

She’s cute, but lethal.


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One response to “She’s a hairy, four legged Ninja!

  1. donna smith

    After looking at Stella I believe she is a tibetan terrier. I have two and my female looks just like yours. Let me know if you agree.

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