Stella is Stellar!!!!

Miss Stella had a busy weekend of visitors!  Friday night she had a slumber party visit from Uncle Fred and Auntie Darlene….she charmed them….was on her super best behavior.  Not a bark out of her for the whole visit.  Fred was a little put off by how quiet Stella is.   Maybe she should have been named “Ninja” instead of Stella.  She’s THAT quiet.  I think it’s a combination of her nails being so short…and the hair on her paws and in between her cute little toes being so long that it’s like she’s wearing slippers.  (Or Ninja shoes…do Ninja’s wear shoes?)  You never hear the tell tale clickety clack of the nails on the floor that most dogs make.

Hard to make out...but it's Stella's paw....

You can be standing in the kitchen all by yourself and you look down and there she is.   Sitting in the living room watching tv by yourself and you see a flash of black out of the corner of your eye and there she is.  It’s a little disarming.  It’s a good thing she’s a gentle, snuggly dog…if she had it in mind to take you out…you’d never see it coming.  I will give her extra treats tonight to make sure I stay on her good side.

Today…..Grampy and Grammy came with their little bundle of love….Hilda.  Hilda is like a stuffed animal.  She’s that cute you think she can’t be a real live dog.

Yes, I am very cute!

I was a little nervous how Stella would react with a dog in her house….a dog that is just about the size of some of the stuffed animals that the Stellanator has been tearing apart on a daily basis.  Hilda….weighs about 2 pounds….one pound of that is personality, 1/2 pound of hair and the remaining 1/2 is actual dog parts.  She’s tiny….petite…..and so sweet, although she did give Stella a “Back OFF!” when Stella got to close to her Mama…and rightly so!  Stella just wanted to chase Hilda all through the house….and Hilda is smarter than that. 

Come on with meeeeee

Come on with meeeeee

Please oh please let me chase you....pleeeeaaaaase...

 Stella is very persistent in what she wants.  Although she only just met him she completely convinced Grampy to give her a tummy rub.

A little to the left Grampy....there ya go...

A little to the left Grampy....there ya go...

By “convinced” I mean that she climbed up onto him and then rolled over on her back.  He couldn’t say no.  Likewise when trying to relax in a chair with Hilda…..Grammy couldn’t resist letting Stella in on the action.

See...plenty of room for three in this chair...

See...plenty of room for three in this chair...

She wormed her way onto the chair and slid around the back of Grammy and attached herself to her.  Hilda was not pleased.   Luckily for Stella, Grammy has plenty of love to go around for all of the four legged, furry people in her life!

All in all it went very well.  Stella did not shred Hilda….Hila, I think, missed Sadie.  Sadie never chased her or climbed up into her Mama’s lap, or insisted on a tummy rub from her Papa.

Ive had just about enough of this....can we go home now?

I've had just about enough of this....can we go home now?

Stella collapsed into a nap about five minutes after everyone was gone.

It is NOT easy being this cute all day every day people.

It is NOT easy being this cute all day every day people.

Oh, and we wish a very Happy Birthday to Chris2fer today!!! 


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  1. Thanks, Stella and Stella’s Mom! You made it special by hanging out with me!

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