“Run, Run as Fast as You Can……

Run!  Run!

Run GingerBread Man Run!

You can’t catch me…I’m the gingerbread man!”

Remember that story as a kid?  Well in our house, the Gingerbread Man didn’t run fast enough.  And this is what happened to him…

That Had to Hurt

That Had to Hurt


We find blobs of stuffing like this all over the house

It was tragic really.  He was the first toy that Stella opened up a can of whoop-a** on.   She gave him a good thrashing in the car ride home from the folks we adopted her from.

He should have known his days were numbered.

He should have known his days were numbered.

We had to remove his stuffing, but still let her play with him.  Luckily she’s more gentle with us than she is her stuffed animals.

Although I didn’t specify the political affiliation when I searched for her on Petfinder, I am wondering what Stella is.   I’ve been trying to get her to chew on this toy…..and she won’t.



Either she’s a Democrat (don’t tell Rob) and she is secretly having political discussions with her Hillary doll when we’re not looking , or like her Papa she’s a Republican and just flat out scared of it.

She received this lovely stuffed lobster as a gift

and promptly ripped off it’s fuzzy little eyes….

Poor Little Lobster

Poor Little Lobster

Mary Tyler Moore felt a cold chill run up her spine that day.

Her favorite toy so far, besides her Papa, seems to be “HedgeHog”.

Loves her Hedgehog!

Loves her Hedgehog!

She carries him all through the house, gallops through the house with him,  sleeps in her crate with him, tosses him around the rooms….and on Father’s Day…when Rob asked, “Where’s your HedgeHog?”  to the amazement of us all….she ran into the kitchen and brought him back into the dining room.  Is our little Schnoodle that much of a genius or are we that gullible?  I’m guessing it was luck…and we ARE that gullible.

Rob says I had better remember when I purchased “HedgeHog” and stock up on them.  When it’s his turn to go to the Great Toy Graveyard he worries Stella will have a meltdown.

Where is HedgeHog Mama?

Where is HedgeHog Mama?



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2 responses to ““Run, Run as Fast as You Can……

  1. Linda

    At least she hasnt’ eaten the couch yet; or has she?

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