A Weekend of Firsts for Stella!

Miss Stella Fella Fo Fella Fee Fi Fo Fella had a VERY busy weekend this past weekend!  It was her third week with us which is unbelievable because it seems like she’s been here much longer….Rob can give you a  countdown in weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds/nanoseconds.   Her biggest accomplishment over the weekend was her new freedom. It was Rob’s idea to remove the barricade on the staircase to upstairs.  I KNOW!  He felt very confident she could handle it….and as with 47% of the time…he was CORRECT!  Maybe he was tired of navigating the barrier made up of a metal folding chair and a cardboard box.  Anywho….down the barrier went.

Silly Rob...took the cardboard down before I could document the moment.

Silly Rob...took the cardboard down before I could document the moment.

Stella seemed a little dazed and confused…..after three weeks of being told she could not go upstairs….after a couple of  gazelle like leaps OVER the barricade….only to be carried back down…she seemed to think we were messing with her.

What the Hizzle?  Youre ASKING me to come upstairs?

What the Hizzle? You're ASKING me to come upstairs?

Really?  I Can GO Upstairs???

Really? I Can GO Upstairs???

And that was all it took.....

And that was all it took.....

On a side note….that last photo…her eyes are NOT that freaky….I am just THAT bad at correcting Red Eye….although I do think that it does reflect her surprise at being allowed upstairs.

She’s been handling it quite well.  We do keep the bedroom doors closed….to make the upstairs seems not nearly as exciting as it really is.

If you come for a visit…and need to toss a tissue in the trash…it’s not on the floor like in a normal house….the trashcan is up on the hamper….or the countertop, or hanging from the light fixture on the ceiling to discourage a certain four legged someone from picking things out of it.

Another “rule” was broken this past weekend, but we’ll leave that for another posting.

Stella’s other “first” of the weekend was her first grooming.  We never had to groom Sadie….she got a couple of baths a year….nails clipped regularly….and regular brushings and ear cleanings.  Stella is a whole nother thing.

Sure, her first weekend she got a “Brazilian”, but now she needed a trim…..her hair was getting long…and unless we wanted her to look like Cousin Itt….she needed a trim.

Remember....Adams Family...Cousin It???

Remember....Adams Family...Cousin It???

We dropped her off…at a nice local shop….said, “I like her shaggy….she just needs a trim.”  They were super nice….very good to her, but this is what we got back……

Moe from the Three Stooges.....

Moe from the Three Stooges.....

She Bangs...She Bangs

She Bangs...She Bangs

And although they did follow my instructions and left the majority of her hair……I still was a little shocked at what she looked like with only 1/2 of her hair.  She went from this……

To this:

Shes got BANGS!

She's got BANGS!

Half the hair.......

Half the hair.......

They took an electric razor….and buzzed up BETWEEN her eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Between them…that’s NOT that much space people.   I would show you photos of the other parts that were shaved with an electric razor, but I want to avoid having to keep you from having to check off a box that says you are old enough to enter an “adult” site.    AND…because of the breeds of dog that she is….in order to clean her ears….they had to RIP the hairs out of her ear canals.  I just about passed out at the thought of it….I can barely pluck my own eyebrows….and they YANKED the hairs  out of her ear canals?

On a good note…..they are EXTREMELY nice people….I would highly recommend them.  Paws Applause in Scarborough.

As a little P.S………

Another one bit the dust......

Another one bites the dust......



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2 responses to “A Weekend of Firsts for Stella!

  1. Stella's Mama

    rob pointed out a typo in the post..he says…” I am correct 99.47% of the time”

  2. Her new haircut is adorable! I remember the first time I took Cupid for a groom. They did a teddy bear face on him, which is similar to what Stella has, and my heart stopped when I saw him. I really didn’t recognize him at first. I had to adjust to seeing a more oval rather than round face.

    Now I love it, and importantly, he can see. 🙂

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