Stella….What the Hella??

She’s quite the little terror our Stella…. so cute in the face… sweet….and the mouth of a piranha.

Check Out Them Teefs!!!

Check Out Them Teefs!!!

We’ve had a few losses in the house….the most significant is Stella’s harness.  After our first walk around the Blvd I realized she needed a little more than the teeny collar around her neck.   With a small, wiggly dog like her the harness is a great way to make walking less stressful for everyone involved.   It makes her pull less…and when she hurls herself at a squirrel that is up in a tree taunting her…she doesn’t hurt her neck.



We don’t keep it on her all the time….we take it off when she’s in the house.  Especially when we noticed she was nibbling it.  Tonight I noticed that she had not just nibbled it…she is one thread away from having completely destroyed it.

Good Job Stella

Good Job Stella

SSTTTTEEEELLLLLLAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  Fortunately for me it’s a harness by Lupine.  Who’s Lupine?  My new best friend….sorry Rob.

Not only are their harnesses, collars and leads cute and colorful….they also come with a LIFETIME Guarantee.    Yes, lifetime….this is right from their site:     LUPINE® products are GUARANTEED (Even If Chewed) ® .  All you have to do is mail it back and then send you a brandy new one.  I will be testing this guarantee process this week when I send this back.  At this rate…..I may be doing this once a month for the lifetime of Stella.

A big loss in toys this week… this rate Stella will be playing with rocks and sticks like I did as a kid.   A moment of silence for the defenseless toys that went to the “toy graveyard”…also known as the kitchen trashcan:

Naughty Joins His Fraternal Twin Nice Who Left Us Earlier in the Week

"Naughty" Joins His Fraternal Twin "Nice" Who Left Us Earlier in the Week

Bit by Bit...Day by Day...The Poor Flamingo Was Being Shredded.  The Question Stella...or by ROB?

Bit by Bit...Day by Day...The Poor Flamingo Was Being Shredded. The Question Stella...or by ROB? Calls to Rob's Attorney Were Not Returned Prior to Publishing Time.

The Most tragic loss of the week was Happy Heart….

Happy Heart

Happy Heart

This was one of Sadie’s Favorite babies…..

Sadie with Happy Heart

Sadie with Happy Heart

And yet….with all the losses…..

Capitol Hillory is Still With Us.

Capitol Hillary is Still With Us.

And a lesson for all you out there reading this…..DO NOT come to our house dressed as a cute, fuzzy stuffed animal and make squeaky noises….Stella will take you down like a Green Beret.  You won’t even see it coming….Gingerbread Man didn’t and he ran as fast as he could.


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