You’ve Been Snorgled by a Schnoodle!

Snorgle as defined by:   “Snort + Snuggle. Summarizes the situation when you moosh your face into a fuzzy wuzzy smoochie wiggle and make googoo noises.”  “To snorgle is to to snuggle a cute item in an manner meant to drink in or experience its overwhelming cuteness. Imagine picking up a cute puppy and sticking your face down into its furriness and snorgling it up. See cuteoverload dot com. “

This is Stella’s Definition of Snorgle:

Stella Snorgling her Uncle Chas
Stella Snorgling her Uncle Chas

She leaps onto you….and then tries to wrap herself around your neck….with her tail wagging and her tongue licking every part of your face you don’t want her to.    The more you laugh….the more puppy kisses you get.  I do have to note that we don’t just let her leap onto guests and slobber them…..thanks to her Papa she is extremely well mannered and well behaved.  Sometimes the puppy-ness inside her just gets the best of her!  Fortunately for her Uncle Chas loves puppehs.

She has had alot of visitors this week.  Last night she got a visit from Uncle Mike, Emma and Gus.  They were snorgled.
Snorgled Emma....

Snorgled Emma....


Trying to slip Uncle Mike the tongue.....

Trying to slip Uncle Mike the tongue.....

Gus under attack....

Gus under attack....

Gus got the “Full Treatment” by Stella….he was snorgled, a recipient of the painful “Ninja Pounce”
(where she leaps onto an unsuspecting/distracted person and lands with all four of her poky little paws right on your stomach)
 AND he got a “Wet Willie”. 


 His laughing only escalated the attack…as did the shriek of pain when he was pounced on with 20lbs of Schnoodle.
All in all….it was a good visit. 

 No one in that family had to wash their faces before bedtime last night because Stella already took care of that for them. 

 You’re very welcome!



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2 responses to “You’ve Been Snorgled by a Schnoodle!

  1. Ok – We need to schedule a snorgle-fest time. Really.

  2. Stella's Mama

    You can come snorgle her any old time!!!!!

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