She’s One Lucky Schnoodle…..

Stella had a close call yesterday.  As Papa said to me, “It was almost YOUR dog’s last day on earth.”  She’s always MY dog when she’s naughty!  When she’s running through the house with your sock…chewing on things she shouldn’t….she is MY dog.  When she’s obedient….quiet, sleeping, she’s HIS dog.

Yesterday she did two bad things…either of which to Rob would have been just cause to send her packing right back down to Louisiana.    FIRST…..she somehow got hold of this Teddy Bear.


Look at her down in the corner....What Mama?  Whatd I do?

Look at her down in the corner...."What Mama? What'd I do? Can I have that back?"

She apparently was very, very quiet….which is a sure sign that she’s up to no good.  Rob tracked her down and I’m sure when he saw what she has gnawing on he was all: 




That’s not just any Teddy Bear….that was his Grandmother’s.  Luckily for Stella she only got a little slobber on him.  If she had done what she does to all of her other toys……she’d be on her way back down South.  I’m thinking it was the lack of a squeaker that saved Teddy’s life yesterday.  It’s the squeaking noise that sends her into a toy killing frenzy.

Her OTHER mistake of the day….of which I did not get a photo….was she nibbled on Papa’s steak.  I had a couple of lovely steaks on a plate on the counter….soaking up some garlic, salt and pepper before being put on the grill.  I go upstairs and I hear, “No!  Stella!  NO!”

I come running downstairs and from the panic in Rob’s voice I am expecting to find her playing with matches or about to erase an episode of “Redneck Weddings” on the DVR that we haven’t watched yet… was worse.

Using her ninja skills she had quietly….oh so quietly stretched herself up and with her little front paws on the counter….streeettttcccchhhhheeeddd just far enough to be able to reach Rob’s steak….and she was a nibbling on the edge of it. 

Mama learned not to put such tempting items so close to the edge of the counter….and Stella learned you DO NOT touch Papa’s steak.   And….did I throw the steak away….or trim off the portion she nibbled…heck to the no….I slapped it on the grill and cooked it right up.  We don’t fear dog germs in our house, but for you people who eat at our house…..we would never let her nibble your food…had that been YOUR steak she nibbled I would have taken it and given you my un-nibbled one.


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  1. hey Stella, you are one inquisitive girly schnoodle! we admire dogs who can counter surf and get steaks! that’s pawsome. it’s just too bad that you didn’t eat the entire thing. then all of the evidence would have been destroyed and no one could blame you for a missing steak. hey, steaks can run away sometimes! hee hee!


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