No, I’m not a Portuguese Water Dog…Thanks for Asking…..

Bo Obama

Bo Obama

Bo Obama

Bo Obama

Stella the Schnoodle

Stella the Schnoodle

Sigh.  Thank you Obama’s…….thank you for picking a Portuguese Water Dog.   Now…that this breed is our First Dog….people are more alert to cute, fluffy black dogs.

In great efforts to exhaust her and to keep the destruction of our house to a minimum….Stella goes for alot of walks.   She walks in the morning with Mama…..she walks during the day with Papa….and again in the evening with Mama.   She’s a walking machine.  She moves right along, doesn’t spend too much time randomly sniffing.  She keeps a good pace and seems to enjoy it.  The important things are…..1) she (and Mama) are getting much needed exercise….and 2) she is burning off all that pent up puppeh energy.

She sees alot of people on these walks.   Almost daily…we are asked, “How cute…is that a Portuguese Water Dog?”    “No….she’s a Schnoodle.”   Sigh.  Yesterday after getting home from walking the Blvd and being asked THE Question….I said to Rob, “I think I’m going to hang a little sign around her neck that says, “No, I am NOT a Portuguese Water Dog.”

Am I touchy?  One day in PetQuarters one of the very nice employees said, “Oh how cute….I just love Portuguese Water Dogs.”   I said, “Oh, she’s not….she’s a Schnoodle.”   “Um, no…she’s a Portuguese Water Dog….we have one come in here all the time and yours looks just like it.”   “No really…she’s a Schnoodle.”   “Portuguese Water Dog.”   Thanks….like Stella needs an identity crisis?    She’s a SCHNOODLE…..rhymes with Strudel, Poodle, Caboodle, Canoodle, Doodle, Noodle…….


No offense to all of you Portuguese Water Dog owners out there….but really….what kind of name is that?  It’s too long….it’s hard to spell….and it doesn’t rhyme with anything.    AND….if you google it…and look at the images you get:

What the Heckity Heck Kind of Haircut is That?????

What the Heckity Heck Kind of Haircut is That?????

Its a Reverse Mullet....Party in the Front....Business in the Back.

It's a Reverse Mullet....Party in the Front....Business in the Back.

Maybe I’m a Schnoodle snob…..maybe I just don’t want to get our girl lumped into a category that she’s not.  Maybe I need to start a Schnoodle Awareness Group or a support group for people who own cute, black, fluffy dogs that now thanks to the Obama’s…..are also being asked, “How cute….is that a Portu-blah blah…Water…blah, blah Whatever Dog?”



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7 responses to “No, I’m not a Portuguese Water Dog…Thanks for Asking…..

  1. Sabrina

    This is hysterical. I think Stella is very comfortable with who she is and knows exactly what she is! No identity crisis at all. Its all the crazy people who have the problem.

  2. Prisca

    HI ! I’m a new follower to your blog!
    This is one of the funniest blog I’ve ever read!
    I have a Golden Retriever… I get told “wow I love long haired labradors” this is my reply “….”

  3. Stella's Mama

    It’s crazy….really…before Bo Obama..who ever heard of a Portu-blah-Water-whatever Dog? Everyday someone asks us that. It would be easier just to agree with them…”Yes, yes she is.”, but I don’t want to give little Stella an identity crisis.

  4. Jenn

    Just been reading through, great blog. 🙂 I’m currently applying for a Schnoodle through petfinder so have been reading with great interest.

    Had to chime in on the PWD. It’s hilarious to me that now people are asking if everything is a PWD! My family has had them for the last 20 years, and have been asked “is that a poodle” for about 19 of them. Now the Obama’s have one suddenly everyone knows what it is. Our dogs have hit the big time!

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  6. Stella

    Thanks for writing to us! We understand the breed confusion. My Stella gets asked ” Now, what is she”? I tell them she is a Borador, a Border Collie /Labrador mix. Very popular among designer dogs because she is smart and full of fun.

    One thing I didn’t realize when I got Stella two years ago, how popular her name would become.

    Your Stella is soooo cute! We had a Mini Schnauzer years ago and she was a picnic! We’ll look forward to hearing from you again!

    Stella and her Mom

  7. @Stella-I didn’t realize how popular the name would be either! When we adopted Stella she had a different name…I didn’t think there would be many Stella’s…WRONG!

    I started a group on Flickr of photos of other Stella’s!

    Stella’s Mama

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