Post Secret!

For those of you who have never read a Post Secret book…..or never excitedly visited Frank’s site on Sunday morning to see the new posts when he updates….

I read it every Sunday….I’ve read his books…..I’ve been to one of his events when we were fortunate enough to have one in our area.  He’s got an amazing story to tell….and in general I think everyone will enjoy his site…but today…..TODAY…for anyone who has ever lost a four legged friend…..this postcard made me cry…and not just a single tear rolling down the cheek…it was a full out….choking….couldn’t catch my breath kinda cry.

Not only because it was a black lab….but because of the sentiment behind the words…..

Could not have said it better myself…….(well…maybe not the agnostic part….but certainly what I hope heaven will be like….)

God Bless Our Four Legged Friends!!!!

God Bless Our Four Legged Friends!!!!

Sadie…..We Loved You More Than Words Can Say And We Miss You Fatty McPoops!!!!



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2 responses to “Post Secret!

  1. Aww. You made me tear up.

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