The Shunning of the Schnoodle

For those of you who are NOT fans of the office…….and don’t know what a good old fashioned  “Shun” is……(you have to actually click on the arrow…and then click on the words “Watch on YouTube”….I know….I LIVE for making things difficult….ask Rob.)

From the Merriam Webster Dictionary: to avoid deliberately and especially habitually.

Our “Almost Perfect” dog has had a little issue for the past couple of weeks.  The issue being…when I walk through the door at the end of the day she greets me and then tinkles.  We decided that maybe I was making too big a deal out of seeing her… I tried to tone it down.  Hard to do…

Hi Mama! Hi Mama! Hi Mama! Hi Mama!!

Hi Mama! Hi Mama! Hi Mama! Hi Mama!!

So I tried just not talking to her in an excited voice…”Hi Stella!  Hi Stella Ballou!  Stella Stella Fo Fella Fee Fi Fo Fella!!!!”  I tried just walking in and quietly setting down my stuff.  Not speaking to her for a minute or two…walking around the kitchen…..and then….as soon as I reached down to pat her cute little head…..She TINKLES!  Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh.  Even if she had been out three minutes prior to me coming home and had tinkled  outside.

Cute Peeing Dog Statue....not as cute when it's a live dog peeing in your house!

Cute Peeing Dog Statue/Fountain....not as cute when it's a live dog peeing in your house!

So on the advice of other dog Mama’s and Papa’s…….we decided to try what I call the “Shun”.   I should explain that Stella only does this when she sees me.  Not when Papa comes into the house….not when Guests come into the house…’s only me.  Anywho…the “Shun” was tried for the first time on Friday.

I walked into the house…..didn’t call out to My Stella…set down groceries…started putting things away.   I could hear the pounding of Stella’s little feet as she flew down the stairs and landed in front of me.  I didn’t even look at her.  Didn’t speak.  Walked right by her and continued with what I was doing….(mixing a martini!).

What the Heckity Heck Mama???

What the Heckity Heck Mama???

After about 5 minutes I hooked her to her leash and took her out in the yard.  No playtime….just for business.  She didn’t pee….we went back in the house and resumed the shun.    Rob came into the kitchen, “Whatcha doin?”  I replied, “Dear, I’m Shunning the dog…..”.   It seemed like an hour, but was probably only 15 minutes when Stella lost interest in me being home.  (Really Stella… only took you 15 min. to forget about me?  15?   You couldn’t have held out for 20?)

I grabbed my frosty martini and strolled into the living room…..Stella laid down on the floor next to me……and finally….finally we deemed her calm enough to get some attention.  I reached down and patted the top of her cute little head…….

Even the Top of her Head is Adorable!

Even the Top of her Head is Adorable!

And she DID NOT TINKLE!  Success!!!!!!!!!  So even though it feels crummy….the Shun did cut down on the tinkle inducing excitement of my grand entrances.  Rob and I have been together for nine years and married for almost five….to the best of my knowledge he has NEVER peed from the sheer excitement of seeing me walk through the door.  Hmmmmm.

I will keep you posted on the “Shun” and thank you to the Dog Mama’s and Papa’s that suggested it!!!


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One response to “The Shunning of the Schnoodle

  1. I am still laughing at the last paragraph of your postings!

    Opie gets very excited when I walk trough the door as well. The family jokes that he is my devoted love slave. He follows me all over the house, waits for me at the bathroom door and goes to bed when I go to bed even if the whole family is dancing the Watusi in the living room and having a sirloin fight. He’s my pet even thought he’s supposed to be the boys responsibility and they begged us for a dog for a solid year before we relented. LOL. We do the 15 minute shun as well. Opie jumps and nips when he sees us. It doesn’t hurt. He just wants you to take your hand and put it on him. LOL.

    Have a great day. What a wonderful posting!

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