Counting down the Hours!!!!

Where has Stella been????

Whats that?  Im going where????

What's that? I'm going where????

Little did Miss Stella know when we loaded her into the car last Thursday….that she was not just going on a joyride with Mama and Papa….and she was not going to the dog park.  She was going on VACATION!  Sadly, not with the Mama and the Papa.  While Mama and Papa took a greatly needed vacation down South….Miss Stella went on her own little vacation to Maranatha Farm Kennel!!!

This is where we boarded our Sadie.  They are WONDERFUL people!!!!  They love dogs and run an outstanding facility for dogs!!!  They do doggy day care, board, groom, train, raise puppies….they do it all!   They love dogs and make great efforts to make sure that your dog is comfortable and happy.  They are also very understanding of Mama’s like me who on occasion cry when dropping the dog off for a week!  This time I managed not to cry!!!  Yay me!

Miss Stella had no idea what was coming.  I worried that having been a rescue dog from a shelter that maybe she would think she was going back to a shelter…..

We dropped her off…..went on vacation…and missed her everyday.  I missed the pitter patter of her little feet when she follows me around….missed her cute little face…..snuggling with her….giving her tummeh rubs….even Rob admitted that although he was enjoying vacation…he missed Stella too.

We were supposed to be home Friday to get her early Saturday a.m….due to a mix up on the booking…we didn’t get home until it was too late to get her yesterday.   So here we wait today….until we can get her at 3pm!

Apparently she’s having a great time at the kennel!  She’s playing with the other dogs during the day and entertaining everyone with her cute puppeh personality!

We’re counting down the hours til we have our Stella back with us!!!


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