Oh Stella……



Is it time for a certain little someone to get another haircut????  Miss Stella is looking a little shaggy in this photo taken yesterday.

Maybe she just needs a new look?



If Papa has any say in it…..her new “look” will include the removal off all of her teeth.   She’s destroyed her little stuffed animals…..a few things of Mama and Papa’s….pulled things out of the trash…shredded paper….even once nibbled on Papa’s steak that was sitting on the counter…..yesterday…she crossed a line that almost had her mailed back to Louisiana in a box with no air holes.

First……Mama went to find one of the 5 remotes necessary to turn on the tv and surround sound….and couldn’t find any of them….where the heckity heck did the remotes go?

Why in the drawer of the coffee table of course....

Why in the drawer of the coffee table of course....

They were in the drawer of the coffee table….next to this adorable, innocent looking puppeh face.   And then I figured out why they had been stashed in the drawer…..


Who could have done THIS????

Who could have done THIS????

Yes, Stella Stella Fo Fella Fee Fi Fo Fella dared to chomp on one of Papa’s remote controls.  She may as well have chewed off one of his hands…..now we have to hide the remotes from a certain little someone.


Im sorry Papa.  I really am.

I'm sorry Papa. I really am.

 Oh, and don’t forget to cast a vote every day for the naughty, naughty Schnoodle…..


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5 responses to “Oh Stella……

  1. Chris2fer's Hubby

    Stella is beating Grady.

  2. Stella's Mama

    Stella voted for Grady today! And yesterday!!

  3. Fred

    Mare? Wtf? Remote controls is going over the line and kicking it in the balls! How Will you be able to access that cool Pandora channel or the “free” Netflix movies if she eats the controls. I would be sure to give the controls a bath in cayenne pepper. Make sure you tell Rob before he scratches himself after changing channels.
    Also, how can I vote for a dog in good faith that appears to have drool allll over her chin in the blog. Kinda gross. A haircut is definitely in need here!

  4. luvflamingos

    I know….I know….she stepped over a line……

    She does not have drool…..she just had had a drink of water…..she her little chinny chin was a bit wet.

    You had best vote for her Uncle Fred….or she’ll leave a homemade “present” in one of your slippers next time you visit!

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