She Was One Tired Schnoodle!!!!

I may have mentioned once….or 100 times how “high energy” Stella is….that’s a nice way of saying, “she’s psycho”!!!!  We do our best to keep her good and tired.  Today…was an outstanding day for a certain little Schnoodle Pup…..

First…..we woke up at 6:00am…yes….on a Saturday….we woke up that early.  I took my little Darlin outside to do her business….and then back inside for a delicious breakfast of kibbles….and then back up into bed for a few tummeh rubs.

Then….I walked her around the Blvd with the “posse” at 8a.m….it’s about a 3.5 mile walk and she does quite well.  She poops early into the walk….and always just before the trash can so that Mama can dispose of the poop and not have to carry it for three miles.  She very happily walks along while we Chicas talk, laugh…and get some fresh air.

Then….directly after the walk….I took Stella to the dog  park.   There she found an adorable little terrier mix named “George”….the two of them ran and ran and ran….soon….I’ll get a video of Stella running at the dog park….it’s pretty amazing and she entertains all with her antics.

Running at the Dog Park is her favorite thing to do...

Running at the Dog Park is her favorite thing to do...

THEN..after a good hour at the dog park…we came home…she was a mess…dog drool….dirt….so I wrassled her into the bathtub…for a nice little bath that left her all fluffy, clean…and smelling of green apples.  We went out onto the deck in the sunshine and Mama cleaned out her ears.   She takes it pretty well….I just used the special wipes to wipe all the wax out of the canals….

If your monitor had Smell-O-Vision...youd be smelling Green Apples right now.

If your monitor had "Smell-O-Vision"'d be smelling Green Apples right now.

THEN….came the big event of the day……which is kinda long… I’ll continue that on another post…….here’s a preview…

What could it be????

What could it be????

This is Stella after her adventurous day,  a dinner of kibbles, and a tummeh rub before she passed out….

One Tired Schnoodle Pup...

One Tired Schnoodle Pup...


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  1. Chrs2fer's Hubby

    I know, I know!!! But I wont tell.

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