Woofminster 2009!!!!!

I had promised Stella I would take her to Woofminster 2009 put on by Planet Dog to raise money for the Planet Dog Foundation. (the link for the foundation is to the right.)    What is Woofminster???  Here’s the link:


It was so much fun!!!!!!  It was a beautiful day in Maine…..sunny, a great breeze blowing and the place was filled with dogs and people who love them!  Activities?  It was like Disney for dogs….they had a dog version of musical chairs….a scavenger hunt, an agility course, a doggie limbo contest…and bobbing for “Orbees” using their Orbee-Tuff ® Orbee Balls.

Photo by Meredith Perdue    http://www.andunlimiteddogs.com/blog/

Photos by Meredith Perdue http://www.andunlimiteddogs.com/blog/

They had vendors for various dog organizations, doggie day cares, photographers…..a bake sale and raffles!!

They also have a few competitions…..the First Place Winners of which were entered into a Cover Dog Competition.  Yes.  Cover Dog.  So I entered Miss Stella into the category called, “Mystery Mutt.”  How did our girl do?  Mama was nervous, but Stella was a STAR….a STAR I tell you!!!!  Out of 900 dogs (maybe 9…sometimes I exaggerate a little)….Miss Stella won SECOND PLACE!!!!!  YES!  Second place!!!  Mama was so proud….she did not get the super cool trophy they give out  for 1st place:

Super Cool Trophy.....next year Stella....next year....
Super Cool Trophy…..next year Stella….next year….

BUT she did get a beautiful red ribbon!!!!!!

Yay Stella!!!!!!!!!

Yay Stella!!!!!!!!!

They gave out a ton of trophies and ribbons….and it was a good day for the dogs!!!  Stella made lots of new friends and even took a jump over the little fence on the agility course.

AND….they had a raffle…with some most excellent prizes, but they gave it a “Let’s Make a Deal” twist by offering for you to GIVE up your prize….and instead get a shot in the “Cover Dog Contest”.  I practically passed out.  I patiently sat through all the drawings….a spa day…a dog treat gift basket…blah, blah, blah.  They get to the next to the last prize and they FREAKIN CALLED MY NAME!!!!! YES!     They said, “Do you want the prize…or to enter the Cover Dog Contest”?  I don’t even know what the prize was….it could have been 9 Trillion Dollars….I shrieked, “I WANT THE COVER DOG CONTEST!!!!!”   In my frenzy….I hope that the prize I gave up wasn’t really 9 Trillion Dollars…because Papa is going to kill me for giving that up.

Anywho……after all was done….they gave 8 of us the chance to win the Cover Dog prize…your dog….on the cover. (duh!)  There were 8 of us Dog Mama’s with our pups.  We each  went one at a time up on the stage…..where the judges could view our darlings….told them a little about our pups….I was hyperventilating, but I think I said something along the lines of:




Just like that….all in one run on sentence without taking a breath.

Everyone got a little chance on stage….and then we stood in front of the stage and the judges came by and took a looky-see at each dog.  Then they went off to discuss.  Stella was totally oblivious and had more interest in the little snack-sac that the Mama next to us was wearing.  I was a wreck.  A WRECK!  “Would she win?  Would she be upset if she didn’t?”

Did I win Mama?  Did I?

"Did I win Mama? Did I?"

Stella…..as adorable as she is….did not win…or place.  Sigh.  No trophy for Stella….no cover of the Planet Dog catalog.  She gave it a good try though…maybe it was me telling the judges that I would buy them a round of Cosmos….or whispering, “That dog next to me…is NOT a rescue dog like the Mama claims it is….just so you know.”

Soooooooo……we went home with our beautiful 2nd place ribbon….Stella will be back next year.  It really was a great event….well organized…..super nice people.  If you live in Portland and have not taken your dog to Planet Dog…you should.  I took Stella after we left Woofminster.  Papa would tell you that I spoil her and she doesn’t need more toys….but I will tell you…..

1)  She didn’t get a chance to bob for Orbees because she was trying to win the Cover Dog contest

2)  She didn’t find an Orbee in the Scavenger Hunt

3)  It’s almost her birthday

4) Mama promised her she would get her something special for winning Second Place…….

We went to Planet Dog….we looked over all the toys….and this is what Stella chose:

The Orbee-Tuff Artichoke with Treat Spot
It’s bouncy, chewey and smells minty fresh…which hopefully will make Stella’s breath smell Minty Fresh too!!!

Sooooo cute....and soooooo tired!!!

She was so tired.....so so tired.......

She was so tired.....so so tired.......

She could barely keep her eyes open.....

She could barely keep her eyes open.....

She could barely contain her excitement when Mama gave her the Artichoke Orbee.

She could barely contain her excitement when Mama gave her the Artichoke Orbee.

Not surprising that she fell into a puppy coma.  It was a long, but very fun day for a certain little Schnoodle Pup.

Not surprising that she fell into a puppy coma. It was a long, but very fun day for a certain little Schnoodle Pup.

It was a great day!!!!!  Lots of sun, fun and happy puppy faces….and it seemed like an awful lot of the dogs were rescue dogs….let’s hear it for rescue dogs!!!!!!!

Great T-shirt worn by one of the Dog Dads.

Great T-shirt worn by one of the Dog Dads.

For more of Meredith’s awesome photos of Woofminster 2009:  http://www.andunlimiteddogs.com/blog/2009/09/19/scenes-from-planet-dogs-woofminster/

And article in Sunday’s Press Herald:  http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=284450&ac=PHnws


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