Stella’s First Snow….Sort Of……..

What the heckity heck is that Mama????

"What the heckity heck is that Mama????"

So it snowed here in Maine yesterday.  Yay.  Yipee.  It’s just not right for it to snow in October….it’s not.   It didn’t start until late….after dark…and it was just kind of a slushy mess for a little while….didn’t really amount to anything.

Miss Stella is a southern Belle from Louisiana…..she’s never experienced cold weather or snow.  She didn’t really seem to notice the difference when she went out in it last night.  That will change in a month or so when she goes out to do her business in three feet of snow.

Like this......

Like this......

Won’t that be fun Stella?  Won’t it????  Don’t worry…..Papa will go out into the yard everytime it snows and shovel you a little pathway so you can go do your business.



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2 responses to “Stella’s First Snow….Sort Of……..

  1. I’m not shoveling this year. I’m counting on global warming to take care of Stella’s path.

  2. Fred

    Papa better get some warm gloves to assist in his shoveling! Upon further thought I wonder why the furthering of “womens rights” in your household does not extend to the area of manual labor. Poor Roberto with the bad back must go out and shovel?
    As far as counting on Global Warming, I think that Fairytale is not going far this winter.

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