How Many Times??????

Does your dog ever keep doing the same thing all day long?  Which causes you to think YOU are doing the same thing all day long?

With us….it’s Stella’s bed.  The blue fleece bed that is in the downstairs hallway.

This is the general area where we keep her bed.

It’s not only a bed, but to her it’s also a toy….she is constantly dragging it around….flipping it over,  hiding things under it….and I am constantly flipping it upright….putting the stuffing back into it….putting the cushion back in it…what seems like 200 times a day.

It starts out pretty innocently.....

And as her activity increases......

...her bed winds up all over the hallway....

It winds up upside down.....

...which doesn't stop her from laying on it and playing some more....

Which doesn't stop her from playing on it....

And then you leave the room for a minute…..and walk back in to this…….

"Hi Mama.....I didn't do this...."

She looks pretty guilty to me....

Our house is a Schnoodle playground....

So Mama stuffs all the stuffing back into the hole that Stella chewed in the bed....

Mama puts the cushion back in the bed, puts it back in it’s place…..two hundred times a day……..

"I love you Mama!"



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2 responses to “How Many Times??????

  1. Love the 7th pic.
    “I’m just as puzzled as you are! One minute I turn my back and the next minute…”

  2. Fred

    Beatings. Regular and frequent beatings will curtail this unbridled destruction of personal property and unruley behavior. Frequent and Regular. Kinda like her Momma.

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