Stella and her Octo-Poos

Stella loves her toys…..some she plays with more than others….at least once a day….she gives her Octo-Poos a good thrashing.

He looks scared....and for good reason....

It's not unusual to find little tufts of stuffing around the house...

She finally busted open the Octo-poos.

She thrashes it all over the house....on the loveseat....

She thrashes it on the living room floor....

If you ever need to find her in a hurry….you just give the Octo-poos a squeeze.  She can’t resist the squeaky goodness of it and will come running from any room in the house to get it…..

Love her “tough dog” growl when she plays with her toys!  On a side note….I’ve had to play this video like six times to do this post…and four out of the five times as soon as the Octo-poos squeaks on the video…I hear the “Bang” sound of a schnoodle  jumping off the bed upstairs….then she runs down the stairs….and stares at me….and can’t figure out why I am playing with HER toy.

Silly little Schnoodle!!!!!


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