Rub My Tummeh!!!

Stella loooovvvves a good tummeh rub.  She loves a bad tummeh rub.  From the very first day we got her….from the very first tummeh rub her Papa gave her in our backyard…..she knew she hit the jackpot…..

"He gives good tummy rubs...I think I'll like it here...."

She’s pretty insistent about it.  She’ll just throw herself on you….or at your feet and wait.  You really can’t resist her……her hair is so soft….and her little tummy is so warm.    It’s like she has a built in heating pad in there.

If she had a million dollars…..she would happily give it to you for a tummeh rub.   She doesn’t happen to have a million dollars, but instead she’ll kiss your whole face and THAT is better than a million dollars!!!!!



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3 responses to “Rub My Tummeh!!!

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  2. Chris2fer

    I want the million dollars AND a tummeh Rub.

  3. that belly is pretty irresistible. our mom would give a belly rub in a second.


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