It’s a Naughty New Year!!!!!

It’s been awhile since I updated….(are you happy brother Fred?)…I’ll try to be better about it this year.  We’ve had a few things going on the last month or so….but enough of lame excuses….let’s get to the Schnoodle….

I’ll start you off slowly……too much of her cuteness can just about blind you.

On her Top 10 List of Naughty Activities… counter surfing.  Yes.  She’s sneaky.  We have to be sure to not leave food out on the counter tops…if we do…we have to push it waaaayyyy to the back of the counter well out of Schnoodle reach.

So imagine when I walk thru the kitchen the other day and spy this out of the corner of my eye..

What the What?????

Either Paula Dean snuck into our nibble on a stick of butter....or Stella has been surfing the counter.....

“Stellllllaaaaaaaaaaa!  Were you surfing on the counter???????  Were you you Wicked Little Monkey?”

"No wasn't me." (Schnoodle shaking head emphatically)

It’s a very good thing you’re so redonkulously cute Stella.

"I know Mama."


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One response to “It’s a Naughty New Year!!!!!

  1. Bett

    She’s a cutie all right! When we get to Maine in May I am going to try to send you a copy of our granddog Fiona. She is 150 lb., six feet from stem to stern (not counting tail) and our daughter-in-law dresses her for all occasions. If you think poor old Sadie looked woebegone and sheepish dressed up wait until you see Fiona. She is so homely she’s cute – sort of like her grandma! XXXOOO

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