Santa Was Good to Stella the Schnoodle…..

I’m sure everyone was laying around Christmas Day after opening all their presents….bloated from Christmas dinner wondering, “Gosh, I wonder if Stella wound up on Santa’s Nice list or the Naughty list?”  Some of you may have laid awake all night wondering.

Santa was verrryyyy good to a certain Naughty little Schnoodle.

Here was her first gift:

Cute Right? sweet....

Less than a week later...this is what was left...

And then she got this......

And this....

This took about a day and a half...

And this one...has lost a considerable amount of stuffing...and it's eyes.

Had I known that Santa’s guidelines for “Nice” were so lenient…I would have had a wilder childhood!!!

"I think Santa just thinks I'm super cute Mama."

More on the Schnoodle’s Twelve Days of Destruction later……


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