A Miracle at the Dog Park……

As you’ve seen in a previous post:


We have something of an identity crisis with Stella.  Well, not really for her or us, but for the rest of the world.  It’s not an exaggeration that every time we’re out with her we get  asked what kind of dog she is.

When her hair is trimmed shorter…we get asked, “What kind of dog is she?”

Short and Sassy...fresh from a bath...

When it’s slightly longer….we get asked, “Is that a Labradoodle?”  or “What kind of dog is she?”

Soooooo cute!

Oh, but when it’s long….and she’s all shaggy…we get THE Question, “Is that a Portuguese blah, blah whatever dog?”

"Clearly, with my long silky hair...I'm a Schnoodle people!"

So yesterday at the dog park……while Stella was romping around in all of her puppy awesomeness….I was asked questions by three different people

Dog Mama #1:  “Is that a labradoodle?”

Dog Mama #2:  “Is that one of those water dogs?”

and finally Dog Mama #3 asked, “Is that a Schnoodle?”  WHAT???????   In the 7 months that we’ve been owned by Stella….no one….has guessed that she’s  a Schnoodle!  Dog Mama #3 said, “My friend’s mom has a schnoodle and yours looks just like hers.”  It was a dog park miracle.

She’s a SCHNOOOODDDDDLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Part Schnauzer…..part Poodle!!!!!  How much of each…we have no idea!!!!!  To us she’s just super cute!!!

"Yes, Mama....I'm a Schnoodle and I'm Super Cute!"



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2 responses to “A Miracle at the Dog Park……

  1. Hollie

    I love the “owned by” Stella line. So true. All pet owners know that we don’t own them, they own us (we’re “their” humans).

    As always I enjoy your Stella updates. Thanks for sharing the world’s cutest “schnoodle” with us via the web!

    • luvflamingos

      Oh, we’re “owned” by her alright!!!! We exist to make her world a better place…to give tummy rubs, fill the food/water dishes, take her for rides and to the dog park…..

      In return….we get sloppy Schnoodle kisses and the non-stop love of Stella!!

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