Stella Cuteness…….

Stella does have one collection of toys that she loves to play with and cannot destroy.   Planet Dog’s Orbee Tuff® toys are excellent for a pup like Stella!   They keep her amused for hours!  She tosses them around the house…..throws them and chases them….they’re bouncy, fun and they smell like Mint!  Yay!  Mint!  So far she has:

Orbee-Tuff® Artichoke with Treat Spot™

Orbee-Tuff® Eggplant with Treat Spot™

Orbee-Tuff® Orbo with Treat Spot®

Orbee-Tuff® Bone

Yes, who’s a spoiled Schnoodle??????

YOU ARE STELLA!!!!!!!   She’s very silly…..she loves to play “Keep Away” with her toys.  She’ll run over to you with a toy in her mouth acting like she wants you to take it and throw it….but microseconds before you can grab it she runs away with it!  Wicked Monkey!!!!!!

The video below is Stella with her Eggplant….she will hold it in her mouth and bark at you….and because the Eggplant has holes at both ends…it’s like a megaphone!  I love it!  (excuse the darkness of the video….I tried to brighten it…not much luck)

And here’s another one of her playing Keep Away with Mama and the Orbee…..

You ARE Super Cute Stella!!!!!!

"Why Thank You Mama!"

(note ridonkulously adorable crossing of little Schnoodle paws when lounging on the love seat?)

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2 responses to “Stella Cuteness…….

  1. Chris2fer

    Love the video! I think Grady knows Stella’s bark, cause he normally wouldnt care about barking dog sounds, but he was VERY interested in this one!

    • luvflamingos

      Stella loves her bark too! She looks at the monitor….tips her little head? Yesterday I made the mistake of playing the video of her with her Octo-poos….she ran downstairs as fast as her little legs could take her….stared at the monitor…stared at me like, “Mama, I heard my Octo-poos…where is it?” Poor thing. She misses that toy.

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