Who’s a Spoiled Schnoodle????

"I'm pretty sure you're not talking about me Mama."

Uh, I’m pretty sure I am Stella…..let’s look at the snow storm of last week…..who’s Mama went out into the freezing cold…howling wind….and drifting snow in her snowshoes…..to smash down paths in the backyard so that “someone” could go out to do her  business???

"Don't all Mama's do that?"......No Stell, they don't.

Who takes you to the Dog Park even on freezing cold days so that you can run around with your friends???

"I would drive myself Mama, but my feet don't reach the gas pedal and brake."

And the toys Stella….the toys that you destroy….who buys you new ones???

"I didn't do that to the squirrel Mama."

"I think I hear Papa calling for you DOWNSTAIRS Mama."

"I get it Mama...I get it....could you please leave my room so I can take a nap on my bed with my toys? I would like my kibbles at 5pm today...not 5:02 like yesterday."

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5 responses to “Who’s a Spoiled Schnoodle????

  1. Prisca

    Oh Stella, Stella! You’re def a spoilt schoodle! But you’re so cute I think people would be lining down the road just to shovel the snow for you!

  2. Fred

    A dog as light and nimble as that should be able to walk on water and certainly any snow you may encounter down that way.
    Did this get you over 9000?
    I am trying.
    Arms barely work from bushwacking the snowmobile trail for four hours this morning. Good thing I have this Bud to hold them up.

  3. Suzanne Bohman

    Okay – But do I see homemade liver snaps in any of these pictures?

    She’s awesome Mary and you’re not too bad yourself 😉

  4. luvflamingos

    Oh no Suzanne….YOU take the prize for spoiling of pooches! I do not make homemade liver snaps!! I have only attempted homemade Frosty Crack.

    Stella is not as lucky as Gracie, Dottie and Ruth!!

  5. Angela

    Look at the decorative pattern – it’s like a snow patio! So worth it for Stellar Stella!

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