You Like Me….You Like Me!!!!!

For those of you too young to remember….this is a clip of Sally Field’s 1985 Oscar Acceptance speech for her role in “Places in the Heart”

What does this have to do with a certain little Schnoodle named Stella?  Well….I looked at her site yesterday and as of about 6pm yesterday…she’s had 9008 visitors to her little blog!  NINE THOUSAND AND EIGHT!!!!!!!!!  That’s amazing considering we adopted her on June 6, 2009…..and I started this little blog on June 4th, 2009.

That seems like a long time ago when I first saw these 2 photos of her on…

"Please Adopt Me!"

"I'm moving to Maine? Where is that? Ummm. Can I think about it? "

You’ve come a looonnnnngggg  way Stella!!!  What do you think about that Stell???

"You LIKE me....You like ME! Thank you for reading my blog! Sloppy kisses to all 9,008 of you!!"

We’re trying a new theme here today too…just something a little different to mix it up a bit!!!

p.s. at the time I hit the “publish” button this a.m. Stella’s blog has had 9,030 hits!  Thank you!

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4 responses to “You Like Me….You Like Me!!!!!

  1. Prisca


  2. Kristin

    9109!! She really does look so happy, she loves her momma and daddy too! 🙂

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