Who’s a Pretty Schnoodle?

Who wants a haircut????

"I'm all set Mama. No haircuts." (Schnoodle shakes head)

Mama did a little bit of a haircut on Stella…even though she protested it.  It went about the same as the last time…only this time no bald spots.  Then I realized I didn’t trim it short enough…..and a certain someone wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to trim her legs and toes.   Soooooooooo….Mama decided to call in a professional.

Off we went to Fabulous Furballs Pet Salon……


So I took in a shaggy Schnoodle…..

Adorable, but a little shaggy.....

Hair all falling over her eyes....

I dropped her off at 9am…..and this is what I picked up at noon…..

Freshly groomed Schnoodle on her way to the dog park...

The dog park right after grooming was probably not one of my better ideas….within 5 min at the park she was wrassling on the ground with another dog…and got slobbered on.  Oh well.  She had fun.   Her new cut is fabulous!  Her hair is so soft….and shiny and good smelling!  She’s all velvety soft….and ridiculously cute!!!!!

She's still shaggy...which Mama loves..

Now you can see more of her sweet little face...

Her face is more "poodley" when the hair is short around her face...

So freakin adorable!!!!!!!!

I think she had a much better time being professionally groomed….than when Mama does it.  Everything is all even…no embarassing bald spots that take months to grow out.    More later on how good she smells…….

Thank you Fabulous Furballs!!!!!

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One response to “Who’s a Pretty Schnoodle?

  1. Oh your a pretty Schnoodle!
    I once had a similar cut to that. Have a look here – http://curiouscavortingcavoodle-miley.blogspot.com/2009/06/fetch.html
    See the nose trim? Except my fur was a little longer…

    You are so beautiful!

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