The Schnoodle Loves Snow!!!!!

Who knew?  For a Southern Belle….she’s awfully fond of the snow….maybe because she doesn’t have to drive in it….or get to the grocery store before all of the mobs of people clear the shelves of water, bread, milk, batteries, toilet paper and milkbones.

Her favorite dog park looks alot different on a snowy day...

Her tennis ball is more like a snow ball.....

"I do love the snow Ya'll!"



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3 responses to “The Schnoodle Loves Snow!!!!!

  1. Chris2fer

    She is so cute! She should win some monthly prize for being so spoiled and cute. Something…

  2. Stella's Mama

    yes, a monthly prize….like a roof over her head, warm beds and furniture to sleep on, plenty of kibbles and an endless stream of toys to destroy!!!

    That’s her prize!!!

  3. Angela

    I think she needs some of those Crazy Critter toys – 2 for $24. They’re indestructible – it says so on TV!

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