Who’s Got A New Toy??????

Shocking…yes….I know….Stella has a new toy!!!!!!!  It’s not her birthday….not Christmas…perhaps….had I stretched it….do you get presents for Ash Wednesday????  The trigger for getting her a new toy….was our visit to the dog park yesterday.  One Dog Papa brought a squeaky toy in for his pup….Stella….stole the toy….would not bring it back…or drop it….it was the squeaker that sent her over the edge.    I could not get that toy back from her.   I finally tricked her into dropping it by distracting her with a stick.

Sooooooooo…knowing I had seen that toy in a store before….I went on a search for it….it was not at Hannaford…..it was not at Walmart…BUT at Walmart….I found this….

Made by Hartz.....purchased at Walmart......soft and squeaky......

Sometimes Stella doesn’t show alot of interest in a new toy….I was pretty sure she would like the squeaker in this one…and I’m pretty sure the people in Walmart were tired of me standing in the dog section repeatedly squeaking it while asking myself, “Will Stella love this??”

She immediately ran under the dining room table a.k.a “The Naughty Spot” with it………

And it was love at first squeak......

She was crazy for the new squeaker!!!

"I love this new toy Mama!!!!"

Because we don’t want to end up featured on an episode of “Hoarders” on A&E, Papa says when a new toy comes into the house…an old one has to go out.   Sometimes Stella takes care of this chore herself by shredding a toy….other times…I just pick one that she never seems to play with….

Goodbye Capital Hillary.......

Stella never really did care for that toy much……https://stellalind.wordpress.com/2009/06/25/run-run-as-fast-as-you-can/

"Hilla-who? Throw the toy for me Mama!!!!"

(In case you’re looking at the mess of crumbs at Stella’s feet and thinking, “Jeez…when’s the last time Stella’s Mama ran the vacuum?”…Stella had just made that pile of crumbs eating a biscuit.   She’s a messy eater!!)

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One response to “Who’s Got A New Toy??????

  1. I’d say you have a hit on your hands!

    Now when doe that Harry Reid toy come out. 😉

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