The Schnoodle Wants to Celebrate!

As you can see from the blog stats on the right….Stella’s little blog has had over 10,000 hits!!!! TEN THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!

"What are we going to do to celebrate Mama?"

I dunno Stella……what do you think????

"I say...start with a nice bowl of kibbles, some tummy rubs, butt scratches, ear rubs, a ride in the car, a trip to the dog park, a stroll through PetCo, a nap, some more tummy rubs, playtime, a nap, more ear rubs, another bowl of kibbles, a chewie, and then maybe a Frosty Crack?"

I’m not quite sure how that is different than any other day in your life, but o.k. Stella!!



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4 responses to “The Schnoodle Wants to Celebrate!

  1. Chris2fer


  2. Superb! Don’t forget to ask for a pair of shoes too! 🙂

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