Driving Miss Stella……

Stella’s got a fairly limited vocabulary….or maybe it’s just that very few words get her attention?  “Kibbles! Who Wants Kibbles?” is at the top of the list…..next would be “Ride”.  When you ask Stella if she wants to go for a ride…she does get a tad bit excited.    I’m actually happy that she likes to ride in the car and am happy to take her everywhere with us….

"Are we going to the Dog Park? Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom!"

Although I'm sure it's not safe...she does like to ride Shotgun.

Sometimes she's exhausted and just lays on the seat...

For a ride longer than 10 min or so...she climbs in back and takes a nap with her toys.

"You're tailgating Papa. You're driving too fast. Take a left here Papa."

She also loves to sneak up from behind and lick your neck or stick her tongue in your ear while you're driving.

And...this all explains why my passenger side window looks like this....why I have sand on the seats of my car....and a stash of poop bags in the glove compartment.


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