They Say Everyone Has a Twin…..

Apparently this includes dogs!  Do people ever say to you, “You look just like so and so…”..and then you see so and so…and you look nothing alike?  Well…….one of Stella’s super nice blog readers, Kim, sent me a note saying that Stella looks just like her dog Eva…..

Eva’s Mama was equally super nice enough to send photos….and gave me permission to put them on Stella’s blog.  It’s official….Stella and Eva look so much alike….they could be twins!!!!!!!  See for yourself……

Eva in the tub.....

Stella in the tub....

Eva gazing at her Mama.....

Stella gazing at...a biscuit.....

Eva getting a tummy rub...

Stella waiting for a tummy rub...

Eva sitting pretty.....

Stella sitting pretty.....

Amazing isn’t it????  It’s not like these are purebred dogs……or “designer dogs”…..they’re just two little mixed dogs who live in two different countries.  Both were adopted through a rescue or shelter.    I can’t believe how much they look alike!!!!!

More photos of Stella and Eva later….



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8 responses to “They Say Everyone Has a Twin…..

  1. Kristin

    Two different countries?? Where does Eva live?

  2. Kim

    Eva was born & lives in Fuerteventura (one of the Spanish Canary Islands off the north coast of Africa), although we (Eva’s mama & papa) are originally from England! Multi-lingual pooches 🙂


  3. Chris2fer

    Wow! Now to plan the meeting…

  4. Susan M.

    OK – I’ve got ANOTHER Stella-Eva twin. I, too, was looking around online for a dog ‘like our Kodi.’ Everyone – including our vet – thinks Kodi-Boy looks like a PWD, but – he’s a rescue pup. No way he’s a PWD. How do I send you some photos?

  5. Sarah

    I have yet another Stella look alike — only in miniature! Bingley is a 6 month old puppy, and the resemblance he bears to Stella is uncanny! White on the belly and under the chin, and even on the edge of his (back) paws! He still has his tail, too. It’s nice to see what he’ll look like once his hair gets a little less puppy-ish!

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