Stella and her Twin Eva!!!

I promised more….and here you go!!!!!

Eva in her Daddy's arms....

Stella snoozing on her Papa's leg...

Eva and her beautiful eyes......

Stella and her beautiful eyes.....

Eva and Grace snoozing on the couch

Stella snoozing on the couch......

I know….you’re all wondering from the last Eva photo….”Wait a minute…who’s Grace?”   Let me tell you the wonderful story of Eva and Grace….I do love a good rescue dog story!  Who doesn’t????  This is what their Mama told me……..

“Eva has a sad little story, she was found heavily pregnant on the streets when she was turned into the perrera (dogs rescue).  She had clearly been abused as she was really shy & winced quite a bit, she also was soooooo scared of water and very matted/dirty fur (we had her completely shaved except for her face and tail.)   We went to see the dogs at the rescue & Eva had only been there a few weeks. I completely fell in love with Eva as she was so quiet and had the most gorgeous brown eyes! We decided to rescue her and her smallest puppy (who isn’t so small now). They believe Eva is about 2yrs old and a mix of terrier, but after seeing Stella I definitely think there is a schnoodle in her too! Grace is a mix of Eva and a labrador, which I suppose would make her a labraschnoodle!!!!!!”

So this little Eva's daughter....Grace!!!!!

They were both rescued!!!!!  A beautiful little dog and her sweet pup were given a new home!!!!!  There are so many dogs out there in shelters that need good homes!!!!    Stella was voluntarily given up by her original family because they “didn’t realize they would have to brush her so much.”    You can help out at the Animal Rescue site by simply clicking the little button on their site once a day…

A big thank you to Eva and Grace’s Mama and Papa for sending their photos and stories!   Eva and Grace were born and live in Fuerteventura (one of the Spanish Canary Islands off the north coast of Africa)!!!

What do you think about being an internet SuperStar Grace???



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  1. Kristin

    Love it!! Thanks for Sharing Mary!!

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