One Exhausted Schnoodle……

Stella slept a good part of today……which really is not that different from her regular day?   She has had quite a busy schedule lately.  The week before last her Southern Grandparents were here visiting Stella.  They brought toys, homemade biscuits, and let Stella clean their faces, ears, eyelids and went home with cramped up fingers from giving her so many tummy, ear and butt rubs.

This past weekend….she had a ton of visitors…..more of her favorite people….she was beside herself with Schnoodle joy!  I would have taken  photos….but the camera is still having a temper tantrum.

This is pretty much how she spent today…..

"Where did everyone go Mama?"

Exhausted as she was……our little Southern Belle never forgets to be ladylike……

Ridonkulously adorable how she crosses her little paws...

Whose Sweet little toes????

Why they're Stella's cute little toes.....

Curled up on the brown of her favorites....

Pretty much napping wherever she chooses......

I don’t know what she’ll do with herself tomorrow….with all of the company gone…she’ll probably just go back to her usual everyday schedule…..

Wake up, get a tummy rub, go outside, have breakfast, play, take a nap, look cute, play with a toy, take a nap, look at the squirrels in the backyard, surf around on facebook, take a nap, shop online, look out the windows at the action on the street, take a nap, play with toys, go to the dog park, take a nap, have dinner, play, take a few pre-bedtime naps….and then go to bed.

She’s got a very tough life…..


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