And the after…….

Tah Dahhhhhhh……….

The Cuteness!!!!!!

Stella's Summer-Do!!!!

They left her face and ears all fluffy.....

Her feet are all tidy and cute...

and the fur on her body is all super short...

They did leave her tail nice and fluffy...

She feels like she's made of velvet!

You're a beauty Stella!!!!



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7 responses to “And the after…….

  1. Sally

    Stella, you are beautiful and the haircut is perfect! When Little Miss Izzy, aka my portie, comes home, she will want to come meet the star schnoodle named Stella. Mary – gotta love that haircut and her paws and chest very pretty!! Izzy gets her cut like that for summer and she feels sooo soft and walks so proud! Hugs to you all!!!!

  2. Sally

    ohhhh and that cute little butt!! : )

  3. Hi, I found your blog looking for info on Schnoodles. Stella is adorable! Congratulation on the new family member.

    We adopted a puppy (Bentley) from the local animal shelter last Friday (I think the same day you adopted Stella) and we think he may be a Schnoodle. We have our first vet appointment this afternoon!

    • luvflamingos


      That’s great!!!! Send a photo of Bentley…..I’ll add him to Stella’s friend list!!! What did the vet say he is?? Petfinder (where I found Stella) said she was a mix of Schnauzer and Bouvier des Flanders. Our vet said Schnauzer/poodle is his guess. She definitely has the thin poodle body.

      Congratulations on YOUR new family member! I love it when shelter dogs find a new home!!!

      Mary and Stella

  4. Wow, what a difference! She looks great. Bet that trim will be perfect for summer.

  5. luvflamingos

    Wow! Stella’s blog was popular today!!!!!

    She does seem to like her new haircut…..and now that it’s short I’ll be able to keep up with trimming it here at home.

    @Sally…yes, Izzy and Stella will have to have a play date!

    @Doris….congratulations on your new family member!

    @Alyssa…I’m hoping she’ll stay nice and cool with her sassy summer cut!!

  6. Christopher

    FINALLY the pictures worked when I was at work! Take that, “The Man”!

    Stella looks great. So soft and smooshable. Puppy kiss attack!

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