There are a few of Stella’s toys….the really noisy ones….the one’s she obsessed with…..are given to her for limited periods of the day….

The rest of the day....they are kept on the top of the fridge.

These 2 in particular....are only given to her when we need to distract/bribe her.

Here she is waiting for Mama to throw it for her....

Is she gazing at me this intently? No...I've got her toy in my hand.

"Throw it Mama!!!! Thhhrrrroooooowwwww it NOW!"

She will toss, chase, bounce, entertain herself for HOURS with this toy.

Until it gets stuck under the foot stool....they she will stand there and stare at it until you lift the foot stool so she can get it.

It's a good thing for her that Mama cannot say no to this face.


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One response to “LifeSavers!!!!!!!

  1. Awwww, Stella has such a sweet face. I’m going to have to take a look at those toys. Maybe Bentley needs one!

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