New Do!

Someone…..was looking a little shaggy last week.


Yes, Shaggy Stella.


"Whatever Mama."


Because Mama is thrifty (aka “Cheap”) she decided to give Stella another home haircut.




Up onto the picnic table Stella went and out came the clippers.


Schnoodle hair everywhere.


40 min later and the squirmy Schnoodle was still THIS hairy...arrgghhhh!


Mama threw in the clippers and took Stella to the Groomer’s.  Somethings are better done by professionals…..grooming a squirmy dog is one of them.  The super nice people at Paws Applause took her right in…..and a couple of hours later……


This is how she looked before her groom…..




And after......


Sooooooo cute! And just in time for the hot weather!!!!




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2 responses to “New Do!

  1. Kristin

    Seriously, I love the trim!! She looks soooo cute! I love that you can see he eyes more too. 🙂 Cutie pie Stella!

  2. She looks great. Love the new do! She looks all grown up. 🙂

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