One Year Ago!!!!!!!!

It was one year ago that we got our little Miss Stella from the rescue!

So, so cute!!!


She was so tiny....


And so happy!!!!!

Her first tummy rub from her Papa in her backyard....


What a face!!!


So teeny tiny!




I’m sure there will be some type of celebration over the weekend….in addition to her usual trips to the dog park, walks around the blvd, treats, tummy rubs, kisses…..we may squeeze in a trip to Planet Dog or the Kennel Shop for a new toy for a certain cute little dog……



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4 responses to “One Year Ago!!!!!!!!

  1. Hollie

    Happy Adoption Day!

  2. George

    YAY, Stella!!!!

  3. Chris2fer

    Aww! I’m so glad that she has found you two and you two found her. You make such a nice family! Wet Schnoodle kisses all around!

    PS – Grady says Hi! Also, Achoo (he’s allergic to June).

  4. Awesome, looks like she has a great family taking care of her

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