Wicked, Wicked Schnoodle!

A certain, fuzzy, cute little someone almost didn’t make it to her first anniversary in our house!!!!!  Last week I get a text msg from Papa….




My Response?????



Apparently Papa did not find the humor in my note….and did not take a photo of the destruction….someone had to…..


Remember that song on Sesame Street? "One of these things is not like the other..."


This one looks good.....


This one is not quite the same...




Oh Stella....you're in big trouble with Papa.

"Pretty sure I didn't do it Mama...."




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3 responses to “Wicked, Wicked Schnoodle!

  1. He’s too cute to have done that

  2. Chris2fer

    It’s becuase she loves papa so much…

  3. Stella's Mama

    oh, she did it alright…..he seems to have forgiven her though….maybe it was the 500 kisses she gave him over the weekend??

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