Beware of The Schnoodle……..

Sure, she’s super cute…..her fur is so velvety soft you could  paint an Elvis on her….don’t be fooled…..she’s a trained killer….


"Wait a minute......"


"I think I hear something....."


"Wait....I have an itch..."


"What was I doing?"


"Oh, right....the sound I heard...."


"What's going on out there?"


"I will Mess You Up!"


"You talkin to me?"


"Situation under control....can I have a biscuit now?"


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Filed under About Stella, Random

3 responses to “Beware of The Schnoodle……..

  1. Angela

    you kill me

  2. article and very good post thanks for this wonderful photos and article thanks

  3. Why thanks! We think she’s awful cute!!!!!

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