The photo of Stella in the garden from the previous post was adorable!  So sweet….a cute little pup posing happily next to the pretty flowers in the garden…..WRONG!  I think the celebrity status of having her own blog has gone to a certain little Schnoodle’s head.

She had a little bit on an attitude that day.

“Stella…..look at Mama.”


"No, I don't think I will Mama."


“Sigh.  Stell….look at Mama….”


"I think I'd rather look up in the tree for a squirrel."


“Stella….look at the treat Mama has in her hand…”


"Wha? Treat? What do I have to do to get the treat?"


“Just sit next to the garden…and hold still while Mama takes your picture.”


"Is it a liver treat...or just a piece of a biscuit?"


Fortunately, it was the liver flavored treats that she will do practically anything for.   I was able to get the lovely photo below with a minimum of begging/pleading/bribing of the Diva.


"Hand over the treat now Mama....don't make me call my agent."

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One response to “Diva!

  1. Betsy

    Hi there, I have a black schnoodle that is 4 months old! Just wondering if you have put Stella into modelling and if you have what agencie did you go through? Stella if gawwwggggguuuuuussssssss!

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