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She’s Baaaaaccckkkkkkkkk!

I’m sure that you’ve all been hanging on the edge of your seats…..wondering, “WHAT is going on with Stella’s blog?  I can’t sleep not knowing what that crazy dog has been up to!!”  The short, less boring version is…Mama’s been busy, lots going on…and we just got back from a vacation.  So there.  Back to the Schnoodle.

Vacation was great, but oh did we miss that Schnoodle!  Because we flew we were unable to bring her with us… off she went to the dog spa.  Also known as Maranatha Farm Kennels. Wonderful people!!!  We missed her though and could’t wait to go pick her up at the kennel!

Look how happy Papa is to go get our girl!

This was her old duckie....

This is the new duckie that Papa picked out for her while we were away.

It's just not right to drive around with an empty backseat.

Look at her....she can't wait to get into the car!

"Take me home please....."

I really, really missed her!  It was tough to be away from her for almost 10 days.   Her hair grew out about an inch while we were gone!  She seems really happy to be back!

We missed you Stella!!!!!

p.s…..Happy 50th Birthday to Stella’s Uncle Fred!!!!!  Slurpy Kisses!!!!!

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