Dog Days of August 2010

For those of us lucky enough to live in Maine….Saturday was a perfect day!!!  Stella missed quite a few naps, but didn’t seem to mind.  What did she do?  Where did she go?  She went to Freeport!  LL Bean held their first Annual Dog Days of August with lots of fun things for Dogs to do!

Dog Days of August!

We knew this car was going to the same place we were!!

It was the 5th Annual Paws for a Cause fundraiser for the Coastal Humane Society

The day started with a "Blessing of the Dogs"...I was hoping more for an Exorcism of a Schnoodle.

"What's an Exorcism Mama? Why do I need one?"

The Yoghund people were away free frosty crack...

Stella was very happy about that.

Stella posing for the caricature artist...

And this was the end result....Cute!

She was very well behaved....sort of..

STELLA LIND! This is a family friendly event!!!!

Wrassling with her friend Sadie Lamb...

Sadie Lamb looking away while Stella inappropriately cleans herself.

Stella had no interest in Bobbing for Planet Dog Orbee's because that would have meant she would have to get her snoot wet.

So many people, so many much to do on a sunny summer day.

She did the agility course....except for the tunnels. She did not like the tunnels.

She took a little rest on the grass and got a rub from Mama.

She got a reading from Judy Garbow-who informed me that Stella is very happy, committed to me and would like some table particular cheese and baby carrots..and she also likes music...pretty music.

She took and PASSED the Canine Good Citizen test! She was so cute and such a good girl!

Congratulations Stella!!!!!

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9 responses to “Dog Days of August 2010

  1. Big Brutha

    Where are the photos with Bill Green!?!?!?HMMMM

  2. Sue

    That looks like a great place to visit and hang out with your friends. Congrats on getting your CGC. Mom hoes that some day one of us will pass the CGC, but she’s not betting on it.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  3. I was very proud of Stella for getting her CGC! I think it helped that they did the testing mid-day when she was tired from all of the excitement!!

  4. Stella looks adorable and her coat is shiny.

  5. Bonnie

    I want to be Stella !!! What a wonderful blog and more importantly what a wonderful life you two have together. You should consider children’s books, I’d stand in line to buy one. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful adventures.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous time. Congrats on the CGC!

  7. Thanks Alyssa! I’m so proud of her that she passed! At some point when she’s a little “calmer”…I’d love to have her be a therapy dog….right now she’s still a little too energetic!

  8. Team Logan

    Hey, that’s our van! I was Googling golden Orbees (because we got one at Planet Dog’s Woofminster yesterday) and stumbled upon your blog. Nice to meet you Stella. I’m Logan, a female Golden Retriever service dog.

  9. Hi Logan!

    Stella was at Woofminster too! She didn’t find any orbee’s! She did enter a few of the contests though….it was an outstanding day for dogs!

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