This weekend was another weekend of “What kind of dog is that?” questions.  We get it wherever we go with Stella.  When she attended the Dog Days of August she was called a Labradoodle, A Portie…she’s A Schnoodle.

"That's Right Mama....I'm a Schnoodle!"

Yesterday we walked around the Blvd with her Auntie Stacey and “Itty Bitty”.     We had not even gotten to the walkway when I was asked by a couple who were also dogwalking, “What kind of dog is that?”  I said, “She’s a Schnoodle!”  The  man gave me a “look” and said, “Oh, one of those designer dogs”.   Auntie Stacey (always thinking…) chimed in, “She’s a RESCUE DOG!” and thennnn it all changed.   It seemed like all of a sudden instead of being someone who plunked down thousands of dollars for a premeditated mix mutt…I was now a Rescue Mom.  I get this alot.

All of a sudden they were all chatty and talking about their dog who was a rescue dog.  How they had had a DNA test done and it turned out there dog was a mix of a variety of dogs.  I’ve never wanted to get Stella tested….Petfinder had her listed as a “Schnauzer/Bouvier” mix….I’m happy with our Vet’s determination of “Schnoodle”.

I think it's the white patch on her chest that makes people think she's a Portuguese Water Dog.

When she's all shaggy...they think she's a Labradoodle.

"I'm a Schnoodle Dammit!"

All we know is….she’s an adorable little dog from Louisiana that we adopted and love like crazy!!!!  And she’s a Schnoodle!!!!

"That's Right Mama!"



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7 responses to “S-C-H-N-O-O-D-L-E! SCHNOODLE!!!

  1. Southern Grandma

    We are so proud of our beautiful southern Schnoodle Bella Stella. Your southern Grandparents love you!!!!!! Mama when is your book on our Stella coming out? We can’t wait too long we are getting old!!!!!

  2. Tracey S.

    I have a Schnoodle, too and I also get that question all the time, “what kind of dog IS that?” and when I answer , most often the person who asked, either gives me a strange look ( you are familiar with that, I’m sure ) , OR–they laugh, thinking I am kidding or made that word up.
    my friend had rescued my dog, from traffic and gave him to me. Boy do I ever have a long bittersweet story about what has gone on in our lives since then.
    Anyway, wondering myself “what kind of dog is this?” I googled my heart out until one day I found dog photos that looked just like him and that is how I came to find out myself. I don’t need a DNA test..it is very definite in my mind.
    Even his muzzle area coloring, which I saw in some of Stella’s photos, I guess is common in the breed. My dog “Mojo” does not really look too much like Stella but then, I’ve seen so many variations in color and size, with the Schnoodles, and I can see we have the same breed. The common incorrect guess most people give for my dog (including most vets so far) is “terrier mix”.
    I love that you have a blog, Stella.

    • I get the same looks!!!!!!! People say, “Oh what a pretty portuguese water blah, blah dog”….or “is that a labradoodle?”

      I say Schnoodle and they look at me like I’m crazy….OR..they look at me like, “Oh yeah, designer dog…whatever.”

      I say all rescue dogs have a heart bigger than their bodies. Stella is the happiest, most loving little dog…we rescued her…from a high kill shelter….and she rescued us right back with her unconditional love. We don’t care if she is not a pedigree dog with papers…we care that she is happy….and has brought us such joy and love!!!

      You are right….we don’t need dna tests…..our dogs are 100% Love Dog!!!!!

      Would love to see photo(s) of Mojo!!!

      Mary- Stella’s Mama

  3. Ashlie Schooler

    My dog is identical to your dog!!! If you have an email address I would love to send you a picture! She just turned 12 and all these years we have never known what she was other than a mut. I had her DNA tested as well and they told me the same results with a mixture of breeds. When I saw this I could not believe how much she looked like your dog! AMAZING!

  4. Ashlie

    I sent an email with pictures and bio for you to use as a post. 🙂

  5. Joanna

    Your Stella looks just like my Sophie!! We adopted her in March and was told she’s a schnoodle as well but have no way of ever “really” knowing, but seeing your Stella really solidifies our doubts! Beautiful and sweet-natured dogs!

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