Dirty Schnoodle!!!

Sunday was a busy day for a certain little Schnoodle.  She had a visit from her Northern Grandparents and their dog, Hilda.  Then,  because she was bouncing off the walls….she went to the dog park.

It’s been sunny and rain-free here in Portland for a few weeks.  Everything is dry.  The dog park was like a dust bowl.  Papa threw the tennis ball and the Schnoodle fetched it.  She got drooled on….she got soaked when she went to get a drink of water…and then she got more covered in dust.  Not just any dust….dog park dust.   You know what I’m getting at.   It’s gross.  Stella was covered in it.  So I said to the Papa, “Papa…she cannot go into the house like that….we need to take her to the Dog Wash first”.   Papa was all, “What?  Do I have to?”  Yes, Papa.

Papa had never been to the Dog Wash….Mama and Stella have.  Have you ever been to a self dog wash?  Fabulous place!  You pay to use their giant tubs and all of their shampoos and supplies.  Stella got the works!!!


Papa thought he would give it a try, and then switched over to cameraman while Mama did the washing.

The Schnoodle is NOT happy.

Look how teeny tiny she is when she's soaking wet!

Teeny tiny, soaking wet and looking for a way out.

One last final rinse of the Schnoodle.....

She tried to make an escape while Mama was drying her. She does not like the dryer.

"I will get you for this Mama."

Happy to be back in the car and on her way home.

We arrived home with one slightly damp, fresh smelling Schnoodle!

Stella the fluffy, sweet smelling Schnoodle would like to wish Sadie Lamb’s Mama a very happy 30th Birthday!!!!!


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  1. Hi Stella and Stella’s Mom and Dad,

    That self wash place looks like fun to me. I could get my mom all wet and then lick her dry! Mom takes me to the groomer once a month and then uses grooming wipes on me when I get too stinky for her in between. I’m not too keen on the groomer. I stay a long time. They have lots of treats though and Mom and Dad and the boys go to the movies or something while I’m gone. I think mom wants to try the Dogomat in our neighborhood. She was wondering how to dry me if she washed me at home. I like your template. It looks like mine.

    Smell you later,
    Your friend Opie

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