Stella, Stella, Stella…….

It almost looks like Stella's flamingo is leaping for joy....or dancing....

And then you look at his foot and realize...

Stella? Did you hurt the flamingo? ~ "No, Mama..I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, THAT flamingo. Um. Oh."

Poor little flamingo…..its’ been hobbled by a Schnoodle.



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2 responses to “Stella, Stella, Stella…….

  1. Poor crippled flamingo! I hope you had flamingo insurance.

  2. Oh, Sparky the Jack Russell has ruined many of my toys since I was a puppy. 😦
    He still does. Sarah stitches many of them up if she catches him in time, but some are beyond repair. *puppy whines* :(((

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