Stella’s First Trip to the Beach!

Yes, we finally took Stella to the beach.  Contrary to popular belief….she is NOT a Portuguese Water Dog….or a Labradoodle.  Our Sadie loved, loved, loved swimming….Stella….will leap over a puddle in order not to get her feet wet.  She doesn’t even like to walk through the morning dew in the grass to go do her morning doo.   So for the heck of it yesterday we were by the water and took her down to see what she thought.

Beautiful Day in Maine....

Running alongside her Papa.

She wasn't too crazy about walking on the rocks...

She did seem to like the smells of everything.

Happily going where ever her Papa goes...

Until her feet got wet...then she slammed on the Schnoodle brakes.

Papa tried to get her into the edge of the water....

Stella was not going to let a wave touch her toes...

"No way Papa....get me outta here."

And the Schnoodle made it clear...she'd had enough.

Papa gave her a treat....

And Stella was ready to get the heck outta there.

And that was the end of Stella's first and maybe last day at the beach.



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5 responses to “Stella’s First Trip to the Beach!

  1. You know, I would have thought that a portugese water dog like Stella would love the water… Who knew? Different strokes for different puppies, I guess.


  2. Your puppy is a beautiful baby. I have two schnauzers that really do not like the water except when their lovie is in the water. Then they will fight to get to lovie. Lovie’s Shadow likes to go fishing in the gold fish pond in the back yard. She tries so hard but the fish come up and kiss her nose then leave quickly. It is so cute to watch her. Watch her on their blog at

  3. sagechronicles

    Stella, you don’t know what you are missing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the water. Mom says I love it too much and wasn’t careful at our beach (I went into the ocean and got hit by a BIGGGG wave. That looks like a great beach–I think I will tell Mom to take us to ours soon. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

  4. Angela

    A girl after my own heart! Sand and freezing cold water – pass!

  5. I’m ok with her not liking the water… would be a MESS to try and get sand and saltwater out of her hair!

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